You’re invited to the HEVIMA hybrid propulsion system demo event

See the innovative REAPsystems drop-in hybrid engine in action on board the Cornwall Ferries flagship Kingsley II at the free launch event on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 in Falmouth.

We’re really excited to introduce Kingsley II; the result of our HEVIMA (Hybrid Electrical Vessel propulsion with Integrated Motor Assist) project co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation Agency and The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. The project focusses on improving efficiency and emissions levels in the small commercial vessel market where craft have low average loads, but also require extended periods of high power.


Kingsley II was built in Cornwall by Percy Mitchell in the 1940s and after refurbishment will find a new lease of life trialling green, reliable transport along a new route on the Falmouth River. Travelling by water has prevented a large amount of cars contributing to Falmouth's congestion and poor air quality during summer months. Installation of the REAPsystems drop-in hybrid engine will improve these figures even further, whilst also reducing noise, vibration and fuel consumption. During slower parts of the journey the ferry will run off electric. Crucially this will benefit areas around the busy coastal town and also upstream in important, environmentally sensitive, National Trust areas..


This free demonstration event will take place in Falmouth at the National Maritime Museum on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 will include technical presentations, practical demonstrations on board Kingsley II and the chance to meet with the project partners. Lunch will be included. The event will be of interest to vessel builders, naval architects, potential users and interested media..

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