The Li-ion Kings

Global experts in lithium-ion battery technology we design, build & manage innovative energy storage systems for
applications on land, sea and beyond.

Why Li-ion?

Using this lightweight battery technology means that existing systems can be significantly enhanced and new innovative
products can be launched.

How REAPsystems can help you

A good understanding of lithium-ion technology is the key to designing and managing the lifecycle of systems with large
lithium-ion batteries. At REAPsystems we have unparalleled experience and understanding of how they work and what is
required in order to operate them. We've been designing and building ever safer, smaller, lighter, better performing & longer-lasting Li-ion battery systems, since 2003 - over a decade of continual innovation in this field.

Key advantages of lithium-ion battery technology

REAPsystems battery module

REAPsystems battery module

  • High gravimetric & volumetric energy density.
  • High gravimetric & volumetric power density.
  • High cycle life & long calendar life.
  • Very high charge/discharge energy efficiency.
  • Virtually 100% charge/discharge coulomb efficiency (no side reactions & no 'Peukert effect').
  • No need to fully cycle (no memory effect).
  • No need to fully charge regularly (no sulphation).
  • Very low self-discharge rates.
  • Can be stored at any state of charge for long period of times without causing harm or degradation

A Fresh Approach

Our agility, in-depth knowledge, speed-to-market and short lead times make us the perfect technology partner for your
business. Our drive to 'Get it Right First Time', in-time and on budget, reduces your risk and represents an intelligent investment
delivering long term benefits, to you and your customers.