A Leading Innovator

Back in 2003 we were the first in Europe to test Li-ion batteries and recognise their potential. Now, over a decade on,
REAPsystems (REAP stands for Renewable Energy and Advanced Propulsion), continues to be an innovator with global reach in custom Li-ion battery solutions, management systems and more.

Driving Innovation

Experts in battery technology and propulsion systems we design, build & manage innovative energy storage systems for applications on land, sea and beyond. By being agile & thinking differently we accelerate innovation to step ever closer to a sustainable world, with a high quality of life for everyone.

Bringing Reality to Research

Our expert multi-lingual team of Degree & PhD grade engineers, lead by Dr. Dennis Doerffel, constantly push the boundaries of the possible. They have an excellent knowledge and hands-on practical understanding of batteries, energy storage and propulsion systems as well as a constant drive for innovation.

Proactive, Professional, Pioneering

In addition to our energy storage solutions and propulsion systems, our services include: Mechanical & Electronics Design and Implementation, Soft & Firmware, Battery Cell Characterisation & Testing, On-Site Integration, Calibration & Tuning, plus Remote & On-Site Technical Support. Our expert team are fully versed in the practicalities of our products and systems, for example EMC & EMC testing, environmental testing, systems calibration, FMEA & Hazard Analysis.

Our UK 'Centre of Excellence'

REAPsystems unique approach, commitment & expertise mean we've worked on advanced projects for clients worldwide,
from our UK 'Centre of Excellence' conveniently located in Southampton. The growing demand for our services and positive feedback from our customer partners has encouraged us to keep investing and expanding our capabilities to bring success to your project.