Thank LoToNo for your grant and your visit


Back to January 2016 at the very initial stage of Project Venice, REAPsystems gratefully received financial support from Fareham based LoToNo Team. LoToNo is a hub of innovation that helps businesses and entrepreneurs to access innovation, solve their waste challenges, improve their environmental standing and optimise their supply chain.

The LoToNo Innovation Voucher did enable REAPsystems to afford a good quality second-hand 'water taxi' from Venice and get it shipped to the UK awaiting design and installation of the hybrid drive.

“LoToNo support allowed us to bring this work forward and kick start the move from theory to practice, and we are really excited to be close to a working hybrid taxi-boat operating in the Venice Lagoon,” said Dr Dennis Doerffel, our CTO.

Read LoToNo Case Study about REAPsystems and Project Venice here.