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28.09.2016 (Covering period from 08.09.2016 to 25.09.2016)

The banner photo shows our preparations for another test run on 8th September. The ITV film crew also seemed curious about what we do...

Test run on 08.09.2016 to validate the data loggers and identify further improvements

  • Final checks before heading off to the Solent
  • Data logging is important to optimise a hybrid drivetrain. It helps us understand how the boat is used and the data are then used to determine the best hybrid configuration and settings. This day we will verify the data logging by comparing the logs with our notes.

Data are uploaded to our servers automatically where we process them into graphs like this (here: cell voltages of a li-ion battery)

  • A mixture of slow and fast runs. Fastest runs with up to 75% throttle as we are still running the engine in.
  • Quick reflection after the test run. There are still necessary improvements to the ACR dash switch (automatic connection relay between the two 12V batteries), gearbox - lever delay and trim-up operation.

  • Thanks to ITV for coming along. Challenging interview questions on board during test run indeed... The piece should be on air very soon – we will let you know!

  • Thank you Patrick Byrne from Scorpion RIBs for partcipating in the report.

  • Thanks to Keith again for supporting with the safety boat!

Development of REAPsystems' water cooled batteries for this hybrid system

  • Assembly of battery cell modules, which are based on REAPsystems' patented cell assembly technology. Here is one of the battery modules for the boat.

Information about technical specifications and characteristics of this type of battery is at

  • The 1.5m long battery box has arrived – all in REAPsystems green branded colour.

In The Press

A throwback to our initial test runs on 19.08.2016

  • TV report from That's Solent is now on Youtube in case you missed it! 
  • A very interesting read from Maritime Journal that reveals challenges we're overcoming to create this off-the-shelf hybrid solution

Update on sponsorship

We are welcoming TransDev as another bronze sponsor of ours. Limited spaces still available so don't miss out!

Southampton Sustainability Week

  • A sister of our hybrid Venice water taxi – She's Electric – has recently received a lot interest from environmental groups e.g. Sparsholt college, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, The Green Blue and Miniport Ships Limited who want to utilise it for conservation purposes as well as support its commercialisation. She's Electric is a fully electric power boat RIB also launched by REAP back in 2013. It has an electric 15kW outboard and 3kW charger with high-end battery management system and can perform 1 hour run time at full power and lowest noise in class.

We had a really nice afternoon offering boat rides for them to feel the experience.

  • Along with inspirational talks from our founder, Dr Dennis Doerffel, She's Electric and our hybrid Venice water taxi will be on show as part of Southampton Sustainability Week this October. 

    • EnvSoc Sustainable Lunch 12:00 – 16:00 01.10.2016: talk by Dr Dennis Doerffel about Renewable Energy from 14:45 – 15:05

    • Electric Boat Trips 08.10.2016, 09.10.2016 & 15.10.2016: get on the She's Electric for a unique electric boat trip and learn about our to-be-hybrid Venice water taxi. 

See more info at

* Due to lack of funding, we had to slow the project down and prioritise other customer projects so that we could earn the much needed funds to develop this X-generation hybrid propulsion. It means the deadline for showcasing this boat as a hybrid in Venice will slip towards spring – early summer next year. We will still keep testing and running the boat in the UK over the winter.