Getting ready for hybrid engine installation


This week we’re finishing up to get ready for installing the hybrid engine next week.

(1) The electronic gear shift is needed for changing between forward, neutral and reverse propulsion modes. The hybrid controller will make automatic decisions about the gear selection and act via the electronic gear shift to allow smooth transition between forward, neutral and reverse as well as exceptional manoeuvrability. 

(2) The next picture shows the mechanical gear shift cable for forward, neutral and reverse that leads from the electronic gear shift to the stern drive. 

(3) This electronic module is for controlling the start, stop and speed of the diesel engine.

(4) 2 x 12V engine bay lights are fitted to make maintenance and repairs much easier.

(5) There are two battery isolation switches, one for each 12V battery (main starter battery and auxiliary battery).

(6) This is the 12V fuse box for bilge pumps and engine bay lights.

(7) The secondary diesel filter is fitted to prevent engine damage and improve combustion performance by removing impurities from incoming fuel.

(8) The automatic battery relay connects/disconnects the starter battery with the auxiliary battery as required.

(9) The secondary bilge pump float switch will activate the second (engine bay) bilge pump.

(10) This sea cock is installed to enable the cooling water supply to be isolated for maintenance or repairs.

(11) The controls for the search light have been fitted in the wheelhouse at the front of the boat.

(12) The deck lights will help people find their way when walking around the boat after dark.

Next week we are moving on to focus on a key innovative part of the project - assembling the hybrid propulsion module.

Other highlights of this week include press coverage by The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and The Challenges of Sustainable Innovation podcast by Wholegrain Digital. Also a CAN based Engine Display has been donated to our boat by CANtronik. Brilliant stuff!

Our crowdfunding has still been running on Indiegogo. We still need a lot of funding to complete this demonstrator and showcase its great benefits to the marine market.


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