Our very first Project Open Day


Saturday 14th May 2016 was our very first Open Day when we invited the public to come and chat with us about Project Venice as well as what we are doing.

We were extremely happy to hear a lot of interesting questions being raised and answered such as why we choose to develop hybrid electric drive system but not purely electric one, why Venice but not UK is a perfect place to start, what the technical benefits as well as challenges of the solution are, what if we can't get enough funding through crowdfunding etc.

In the picture are our taxi boat awaiting system installation, a fully electric RIB introduced by us in 2013 and Dr Dennis Doerffel - our founder and CTO - sharing our story from the early days in 2003 and what motivates us to embark on Project Venice.

If you missed the chance to join this Open Day, there will definitely more to come or you can talk to us right now by messaging us on Facebook, tweet to us @reapsystems or emailing to info@reapsystems.co.uk. We'd love to hear from you!