Get Involved & Help Make Project Venice 2016 a Reality

We're offering you the unique opportunity to get involved with our ground-breaking environmental project in Venice this Summer, through our sponsorship scheme and a crowdfunding campaign.

Become Our Sponsor

We are offering a unique PR opportunity for organisations to benefit from this sustainable innovation project. Please see the Sponsor Kit to check out our sponsorship packages and the list of our current sponsors.

Donate to Our Crowdfunding Campaign

By utilising crowdfunding for this innovative project, we hope to raise public awareness to our ambitions while rewarding our supporters with a range of exciting incentives. “Our crowdfunding campaign is a complete reversal of the usual commercial approach. We involve the public on our journey. This way we can kickstart the hybrid revolution together”, says our CTO, Dr Doerffel.

Please email us at or give us a call at +44 2380 638527 if you want to donate to this sustainable innovation. That would be of great help in bringing it into reality!

Keep in touch with this exciting Venice venture

We want everyone to get involved and stay in touch with our with our ground-breaking Venice project, so we'll be Tweeting, posting and blogging regular updates. Keep up-to-date with the highs, lows and challenges of our most ambitious Hybrid-drive project to date, by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn by reading our blog, Project Venice in the press or subscribing to our newsletter here.

Duration: 3:12 mins

Our Supporters

REAPsystems would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following organisations who are helping fund Project Venice. We invite you to visit their websites and engage with these community-minded organisations!