Welcome to REAP

  • sustainable innovations in renewable energy technology.
  • specialist services for Lithium-Ion battery systems.
  • 10 years expertise in a range of applications.
  • solutions for land, sea, air and underwater.
  • existing products, customised products and custom designs.
  • track record of supplying: vehicle, equipment, and cell manufacturers.
  • flexible and modular solutions for military, energy storage, high-tech sports and R&D.
  • long-standing support team.
  • experienced multi-lingual engineers.
  • appreciation of cultures and international business relationships.
  • attention to detail, focus on requirements and specification.
  • quality and Toyota Management Principles.

Launch of REAP Electric Boat

speed shot 320
We are proud to introduce our exciting new electric power system concept
for personal watercraft.

Here you will see a video of her initial testing and some footage from the Southampton Boat Show trials with the public.