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  • sustainable innovations in renewable energy technology.
  • specialist services for Lithium-Ion battery systems.
  • 10 years expertise in a range of applications.
  • solutions for land, sea, air and underwater.
  • custom designs and solutions.
  • track record of supplying: vehicle, equipment, and cell manufacturers.
  • flexible and modular solutions for military, energy storage, high-tech sports and R&D.
  • long-standing support team.
  • experienced multi-lingual engineers.
  • appreciation of cultures and international business relationships.
  • attention to detail, focus on requirements and specification.
  • quality and Toyota Management Principles.

Energy Storage System

e store uni soton

REAP has delivered a 12.5 kWh battery system to the University of Southampton for research on grid connected energy storage solutions. The system comprises a 19'' rack with large touch screen display module and five battery modules. The 50V - 50Ah battery modules, based on Yuasa Li-Ion cell technology, can be connected in series or parallel.

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