Project overview

Having successfully completed a previous project with this client for a custom battery and charging system for their small underwater electric swimmer delivery vehicle, REAPsystems was first choice to design and deliver key components for SEAL Carrier.

Capable of carrying a number of divers or other loads, SEAL Carrier operates on the surface at 30+ knots speed using its 350 HP Diesel engine and water-jet and can travel semi-submerged or submerged down to 50 meters at 4 knots using its electric propulsion systems.


Our solution

We worked closely with the client to determine suitable requirements and specifications and have developed and supplied modular custom battery systems, power distribution units, charging systems and lithium-Ion based starter batteries.

REAP has also provided further support on system integration commissioning, calibration, validation selection and specification of other drive-train components.

Our ability to support the project and later product supplies in all technical areas has made us the preferred contractor for this client. From mechanical design over electronics and software, to battery and systems know how during the life cycle of a product, REAPsystems is a full service supplier.

Key challenges

This project required us to deliver a complete solution suitable for underwater use down to 50 meters in challenging marine environments.

We worked to very tight timescales, fixed budgets and within existing battery size constraints from a previous supplier.

Battery module tube assembly

Battery module tube assembly