Project overview

In 1981, the Society of Automotive Engineers in the USA held the first "Formula SAE®" competition, in which now around 140 student teams from all over the world compete every year. Today the competition holds events in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, USA, Australia, Brazil, Italy and Japan.

In Europe there are two main classes - Petrol and Alternative fuelled cars - which are judged on the following:

  • Dynamic Events: Skid Pad, Sprint, Acceleration, endurance with emphasis on measured emissions
  • Static Events: Design, Cost and Sustainability, and Business Presentation

REAP supports the Formula Student Electric (FSE) event with product supplies and technical support, and moreover we support the ethos of inspiring and developing young engineers by providing an opportunity to gain practical experience in a challenging environment.

Shown here is the successful car of the Technical University in Vienna (Austria).


Our solution

REAPsystems supplies Complete Battery Solutions or sometimes individual components such as Battery Management Systems, and furthermore we provide support with system integration, commissioning, calibration and validation.

Key challenges

One key challenge for students is to learn how to work professionally with suppliers and service providers. We expect that teams employing REAP technology as part of their project prepare professional engineering documents such as block diagrams, circuit diagram, wiring diagrams, interface specification, commissioning plan with check lists and testing plans, and for example use the correct tools for crimping.