She's Electric has an electric 15kW outboard and 3kW charger with high-end battery management system and can perform 1 hour run time at full power and lowest noise in class. The RIB has 5 seats with jockey console, steering and helm.



Quiet: This no-noise outboard technology is perfect for observing wildlife. Plus, socialise and communicate easily with your friends and family on board.

Clean: No oil or petrol spillage – keeps the passengers, the environment and the boat clean!

Fast and fun: 15kW electric outboard. Performance compares with up to 25 HP conventional outboards!

Very low running cost: Extremely efficient outboard, battery and charger, requiring virtually no maintenance.

Comfortable: Comfy seats, jockey console and steering wheel. Take your family and friends out in style.

Responsive, manoeverable and reliable: Always starts, smooth forward, stop & reverse actions, precise control of power.

Sustainable investment: Motor is under water – perfectly cooled and long lasting. Long life lithium-ion battery with the world class REAP battery management system.

Fast planing: Perfect trim – lightweight outboard with high thrust and heavy battery in middle of boat.

For you: Affordable, space saving and lightweight.

Balance your budget and requirements: Scalable lithium-ion battery between 30 minutes and more than 2 hours run time at full power. Upgrades possible.