Technical data

REAPsystems' batteries are based on our patented cell assembly and module design - proven in the field since 2006 with excellent endurance, shock and vibration tolerance. The special design takes into account dimensional cell tolerances as well as changes over life and during cycling. This ensures very high cycle life. Our air conditioned batteries solve the cooling problem for demanding duty cycles as for example in validation scenarios without the risks involved with liquid cooling systems – no leaks ever!

This off-the-shelf battery solution comprises everything that is needed for an automotive battery. It is easy to integrate and install yet very customisable by means of several calibration parameters. Our in-house BMS technology has a proven track record since 2003. It is used in racing, industrial, marine and energy storage applications. The complete system solution also comprises isolation monitoring, constant current pre-charge, power distribution, cooling and heating (optional).


  • Integrated battery management system (BMS):
    • CAN bus (500 kbit/s, other speeds possible)
    • Individual cell monitoring (voltages, temperatures)
    • Automatic de-rating (control of charge and discharge limits)
    • Limp-home function (can be calibrated)
    • Protection against over-charge and over-discharge, over temperatures, too low temperatures, over currents
    • Control messages for common chargers
    • State of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) estimation
    • Current measurement
    • Isolation test
    • Crash loop
    • High voltage integrity loop (HVIL)
    • Very low power consumption of approx. 0.5 Ah per month during storage when BMS is shut down. The BMS will shut down as ignition is removed
  • Service disconnect
  • Shelf life without recharge of several years (assuming full charge prior to storage)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic information on CAN bus and diagnostic tool (PCTool)
  • Complete system solution additionally comprises:
    • Remote monitoring capabilities
    • Control of fast DC charging using CHAdeMO compliant charge stations
    • High Voltage fused junction box
    • Thermal control (External coolant feed from compressor required)
    • Isolation Monitoring
    • Built-in constant current pre-charge capabilities
  • Customisations available
  • Other cell configurations possible, e.g. half the voltage – twice the capacity
  • Custom solutions: Custom dimensions, custom voltage, custom capacity
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Additional information

The cell modules are based on REAPsystems' patented cell assembly technology. This offers minimal contact resistance between cell connections thanks to direct tab-to-tab connections, proven vibration tolerance, outstanding cell support over battery lifetime, integration of BMS electronics, maximised robustness due to reduced number of electrical connections, minimal size and weight whilst allowing modularity and partial battery replacements.

Each module comprises local temperature sensors and fused cell voltage measurements. A variety of cell configurations are possible.

The cells are pouch-type cells with NCM chemistry for high energy density and safety.